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От analiza и johann Дата: 17-Sep-2013
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All the blessings we shall share, all the trials we shall face together in life by our own has ended and so has mine, yet we live on for our life has just begun.
You and I as one ... We are happily married now thanks to god and Filipino Kisses!

You are a good way and right way to our paths.

For the ones who are looking for partners good luck!

Be true to yourself . To me materials and financially issues are not involved to built a good relationship and to find a good partner in your life. Me and my husband had a relationship very clear. We work together purely without money and materials or gifts. We filled our heart with true feelings and true love.

Thank you my beloved husband. May God always be with us.

We are now trying to get a visa. Soon we will be together forever.

Joe and Liza
От Luz и W . C. Дата: 11-Sep-2013
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To the staff of Filipinokisses,

Thank you so much for your site!!!

I will close my account because I found already the man.

I am going to meet him next month.

Thank you so much!!!!

От Manilyn и Thomas Дата: 12-Aug-2013
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Hi Everyone,

After almost 3 years, just now I visited my account again, this time not to searching anymore but to share my Wonderful experience here:

Before I decide to deactivate my account here I just want to say BIG BIG thanks to FilipinoKisses, for being a bridge between me and my future Husband!

I am so thankful that finally I found him and also of course that he found me thought here in Fillipinokisses... and also I want to thank God so much for making this site being an Instrument, a way to find a true Love, and to find someone really you can call ''YOURS''... and that you will say '' I want to grow old with you'' :-)...

One thing important I just want to share for all Searching here, Please be True to yourself... Material things are just fading and not last longer here in this world... But True Love will last not just till Death but ''ETERNITY''.
We believe that me and My Husband to be are really sure each other,Because we really love each other so much, that we can leave Happily together, and that we will be having a beautiful family of our own soon, because we believe and accept God will always be in the Center of our ''LOVE''.

Godbless to all still searching and still in the process of knowing each other here. ''Be Patient'' God will give you the right person just Believe and Faith in Him.


Manilyn Und Thomas <3 <3 <3

От Redell и Blandina Дата: 06-Aug-2013
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Hello everyone,

We would like to thank the Filipino Kisses staff for assistance in helping us find each other. I've tried other dating sites and was not very happy with their services. My Precious Queen suggested that I would show our appreciation by telling of our successful meeting here. When I joined, I looked at all the lovely profiles and faces, then one day this wonderful lady caught my attention. I contacted her and she replied back to me. We had great fun in our loving conversations. For a while, I was not sure if she was interested in me because you can tell if someone is or not interested by their words. A few days to a week I was very busy at work and had not talked with her. We both knew for sure that God brought us together because of our loving feelings for each other. I was very attracted to her but I didn't know if she felt the same for me. At the time I was still weeding through other ladies profiles on this site. Then we finally communicated again both missing each other very much. And some how she knew I was still searching on this site and was not really thrilled. I could then tell by her expressions that she wanted me. Our conversations were filled with love and enjoyable substance, no junk talk or negative words. We then decided that our searching was over and agreed that we would make a commitment and focus our energies and attention on each other. Since my birthday is today, she sent me 3 fabulous loving birthday cards which I really enjoyed. My birthday present this day/year is my Precious Queen who I love so much. So, we both agreed that we would thank Filipino Kisses for us meeting here and share our testimonial and success story. Now, we have decided to build and establish a loving long term relationship. We feel it may be better for us if we delete our membership. So, that temptation will not interfere in our relationship. Again, thank you and God bless you!

Sincerely Yours,
От Tess и Louis Дата: 01-Jul-2013
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Like any other member on this site,I once also was also a dreamer.Dreamed to find a soulmate or a partner in life.And that dreamed turn into a reality.

I don't believe in love spells or magic,but there was this LOUIS SPELLS,an adorable man from Switzerland.I knew him a year ago ,wayback in june 2012.He was in my contact list,but never we had a conversation since he was taken already.Apparently he did not show any interest in me though I sometimes sent him a hi message.I decided to terminate my membership last November 2012 and register again for the second time last January of this year.There I saw him again in my partner proposals,and I was amazed to see that he was again on search.i don't really understand what pushes me to contact him and ask what happened.and with that first message initiated by me turn into a fruitful beginning.....without further ado,we then had spontaneous exchange of messages.we became casual friends at first,and that it grew deeper each day,for 2 time chats everyday,morning and afternoon,we never missed any single day not contacting each other.as time passes day by day,the need of meeting arises from both of us.until we decided to meet in person.at first I was skeptical because I am not sure if he will like me in person.i am not very confident.
time comes...I flew back to phils from Singapore to meet him..he arrived on the 9th of may in manila.tremendously I was very nervous,very excited ,mixed emotion covers me,i was only relieved when I found myself on his arms already.his presence ease all my nervous away and was replaced of overflowing joy.love reveals for us both.there I learnt that there is no fear in love,perfect love cast out fears..during my first two days with him,i confirmed that he was the man that I ever wanted to be with.i prayed for this,i asked for this,and it was answered.i don't need a perfect guy,i need a guy to make me perfect,and I found it in him.we have same things in common in most aspects,that made us conclude that we are a perfect match.
I brought him to my hometown in Iloilo to introduce to my family.alas.....I did not expect that he will like the remote village where I reside.my entire family adored him because of his down to earth characteristic.he is absolutely very sweet,very calm,well adapted cowboy,simple,kind in heart and most of all a very loving boyfriend,lover,bestfriend and mentor to me.and one thing more what is best in him was that he accepted my children and treated them as his own.
We had so much fun together.very memorable moments with my two children.we travelled to some places and enjoyed the hot summer season in my region.I felt I was overgifted by the above.for so long I felt that I am complete.its not hard to find someone who tells you they love you,its hard to find someone who actually means.The I love you in the internet isn't that fulfilling than the I love you spoken and whispered by someone who truly feels that towards you.Every moments we spent together is like a paradise for both of us.
But everything has to come to an end.I need to to fly back to Singapore for work and he to his homecountry.This reality causes me to brokedown.seemed my world halts,specially during the time he sent me to airport.the only thing I can remember on that day was his word of assurance which is MY ANGEL DONT CRY,COZ THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING AND NOT THE END,WE WILL MEET AGAIN.
since then,our love become more stronger everyday.the more farther we are the more we realize how much we need each other.for our love,no time is too long,no distance is too far.our love steadfast.

Two weeks ago,a good news was uttered by him,informing me to visit me this September,and the next visit is on April next year,not just a usual visit but a lifetime togetherness...he decided to settle down for good in my place in Iloilo,i was shockened by his abrupt decision.But at the other side i am very happy ,a dreamed of mine really do came true.

Therefore I wanted to extend my deepest thanks to filipinokisses,for this huge opportunity that you had gaven me ,through your site I found my soulmate,my dream guy,my perfect match.
But first of all I want to thank the Father almighty for gaving me Mr. Louis Charles Golay.And lastly to my honey,thank you also for your unconditional love.i love you so much and will love you until the end of time.

yours truly,
От Dyan Marie и Jerzy Jander Дата: 26-Jun-2013
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Hi Everyone,

I uploaded again some photos of our first meeting together this time we proved ourselves how strong our love is....nothing gonna stop us...

We had a fantastic time, so much fun with each other. Never in my life I've experienced this kind of feeling and I can't believe that I found the right man for me who truly love me!

All my dreams came true, it seems that's only a fantasy but I know it really happened in my life now.
He complete me and changed my life, he let me experienced what I'm not been before.
He gave me hopes, inspirations, courage and a better future ahead.
I promise to myself that this is the man i will love forever and to be with me for the rest of my life.

I love you so much!!
Your are my life now and without you I rather die.
I never ever let you go and never ever break your heart..

We just hope that our love story can help or will inspire to the others or to those who really want to find his/her fate and destiny.

Good-luck for all and select the best!


Jerzy and Dyan
От janette и michael davies Дата: 25-Jun-2013
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im so thankful to fk because in here i already meet my partner in life hope it will not end at the moment we are in adjusting situation , knowing each other ... but for sure he will be the man i want to be with until my last breath ... many things at this time might changes but for sure i never changes as long as he stands with our long distance relationship its natural that we have doubts sometimes but if we trust each other love each other nothing imposible ....... in gods will ..... im wishing praying and hoping that no one will break promise hope we will hold on no matter what problems arise but im so very thankful to my fiance and future husband michael davies ..... baby as i promise i will never break my promise to u so its time for me to say good bye to fk site just to assure and give also peace of mine to the man i choose here in fk that no other man can replace his part in my heart so thank u

god bless

От Alfonso Lucero и Farrah Дата: 24-Jun-2013
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I just want to thank you FK for being the bridge of my love story. I found the woman i want to share with...i went home last holy week spent with her and her family 2 weeks are not really enough but in Gods will im gona spend the rest of my life with her...once again thanks FK...

Have fun viewing our pictures...

love and kisses

Afonso and Farrah
От anita и ilan Дата: 24-Jun-2013
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I want to thank you FK, through your site i found my dream man, ILAN is a GREAT man and im very LUCKY that i have ILAN in my life. NOw we are very happy spending our time together that full of LOVE
От marie и michael Дата: 21-Jun-2013
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hi guys this is my sad love story i wont forget ,me and michael meet in this dating site last feb 2008 unitl now but unfortunalety hes gone last monday june 16, and hes now in his place with his family.. but before we had a wonderful relationship for fruitful 5 yrs ,we both so happy even we are in long distance relationship actually he always visit me 3 times already but because of my work and his work we are apart and i have also problem about my annulment case so he waits for me until im done with my case but sad to see he cant wait now ,i feel guilt about it until now im still suffering for his love to me ,hes so wonderful person i ever met , maybe i cant find anymore like him we are compatible we had more in common likes and dislikes and we both had sense of humor that what i miss hiim so much.im lucky to have him for a longest year we been together, his family loves me so much just like theyre own daughter the way they love his son michael and now we are all in pain for his lost .. sometimes i ask god why he left me .but i know its always had a purpose for everyone of us .. and now even its hard for me to accept i need to face the truth that he left me in this earth .. he is my love of my life my mentor my bestfriend and most of all hes my soulmate and that he always tell me ,now i lost him and our dreams as well but this is trials maybe someday we meet again .. ty fk for sharing my love story and ty that we meet in this dating site.. godbless
От cristine и paul Дата: 05-May-2013
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Paul and I met in October 2011... During the first meeting we knew that we will be together for long... after one month I became pregnant.. Then he had brought me to Japan for three months.. We went through a lot of peeks and valleys before we got married. Our pretty daughter is already ten months old when we decided to get married.. I am indeed very happy for having my daughter and husband... so for all of you who is still on search for you love one and future family on this site... never give up... :)

Thank you Filipino Kisses!

Paul and Cristine
От hermie и stewart chapman Дата: 05-Apr-2013
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Here is my story of how I met my soul mate here in Filipinokisses. I was chatting with him for about 4 months. After that time, he decided to visit me on January 9th 2013. He stood with me for two months! It was really nice to have someone that you can lay down on his arms, wake you up and say good morning!

Now we have a serious commitment. One day we will get married!

Now he is back to Canada for work and then, after 6 months, he will come back here again.

He is a very nice and calm man. I never thought that I could find my partner on this site knowing that I joined lots of dating site before with no luck.

I wanna say thank you for FilipinoKisses for letting me join your site and find my honey Stewart!

God bless you all and good luck to those who are still searching their partner... All I can say is be smart to find your partner and if u want true love it will come, don't be hurry.....

От Ella и Klaus Дата: 31-Jan-2013
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I'm Very Happy that I've found my true love namely Klaus Hubner.

This is just a short story of our love when I've found him at Filipino Kisses.
Klaus is a very good man - not like other men that promise to see you in person but afterwards they are just making fool of you ???

All I can say is just pray and more pray and when you ask and pray sincerely GOD WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT..NOT JUST MORE BUT SIKSIK LIGLIG......AND AGAIN THANK YOU TO FILIPINOKISSES....GOD BLESS TO ALL!
От nelma и denny Дата: 04-Jan-2013
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Hello to all....

Thanks for the website... I was looking for a partner to share the rest of my life ... and now, I'm going to marry!!!!

I'm so blessed!!!!

He brought me to Florida, the place where my love lives ...

Good luck to all!!!!

Wish you all a happy New Year!

Again I thank this site for helping to find the man of my life.

its me nels,

От Ritchel Camacho и Benon Pjetri Дата: 24-Nov-2012
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Hello everyone!

I just want to thanks this FILIPINOKISSES site to meet my lovable and handsome husband! Last year we first communicated in webcam and he decided before me that we had a good communication and that it could lead lead for marriage! Soon after 3 months we decided to meet in Manila. He came alone, that is hard for him because he is in the wheelchair. Despite that I could see that he is a very serious guy. We stood in the hotel for about 2 weeks and after that we both went to go his country in europe.

But first of all, I had 2 times problems with immigration police because they didn't want me to go alone. But, finally, today we married in civil here on 16 on june 2012..and now we planning to get married in church this coming oct 6th 2012..and after this hard situation finally now we are both happy because now we both live together and happy we are waiting for our wedding..

I love so much my husband!!!! He is the one and only in my life forever until we both get old!!!

Thanks and ma God bless all of this site members!
От Laurent и Flordeliza Дата: 22-Nov-2012
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Hello, we want to thanks FilipinoKisses.

Liza and me have start chat in October 2011, since that time, we spent time together each day, until we met us together for the first time.

I have planned my trip on Cyprus for met her for the feasts of the end of this year.
I am arrived on Cyprus in December 23, after two months that we meet us together on FilipinoKisses. Indeed that's a bit fast but when love guides, no one know how it can does.
We are together the first time for Christmas, the first time, i was reach her near her work place, it was the evening and with winter it was very dark.
She was wait me, she seems like an angel for me when i have saw her in the night.

The same evening, we have our first date diner, our second monthsary and our first Christmas together in the same time. That's wonderful and that is happiness for us.
In the New Year Eve we are engaged together, now we wear together our engagement ring, and we are proud of.
Soon we have planned to get marry in Cyprus, even if it's not easy, we hold on.
We stay the most happily couple together.

We wish to all here the same story. Never fall down, all of us can have a nice story.

With our best wishes.
Liza & Laurent

Hello again,

We get marry soon in two weeks, thanks to FK who allow us to start chat together, even it's more than one year ago.

We wish the same success to all of you, even it's hard and many employees of administrations are so demanding, never fall arms.

Best wishes from us, hold on and never forget that the life is good.

Thanks FK, well done.

Liza & Laurent
От LERAMIE DELAN и GEORGE Payne Дата: 25-Oct-2012
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ON NOVEMBER 27, HE DECIDED TO MEET ME IN MY CITY AND THEN HE ASKED ME IF I WAS INTERESTED AND I SAID YES! SO, we met in the airport and then he decided to meet me later in the hotel on November 25. He knocked at the door 12 times and I was afraid to open the door. I was really nervous and also very excited. Actually I don't know what I felt that time......... and then when I finally decided to open it, I found that he is a very good man ..............

Then on the morning he told me that he wanted to meet all my family ........ when we arrived in my province of Luyang, Carmen, Cebu .....................He loved all about my city............He stayed here longer than planned from November 27 until January 7.............We went to the south part of Cebu and also in north part of Cebu.................

He told me to get back to school and now I am back. I attending to caregiver classes...... He helped me very much and then on my birthday he sent me a card and also a birthday gift. On March 7th he will back in my city for 2 weeks ............. and now I have lots of plans for my family.

We love we each other!
Now I am very proud to say to all the people that I got now a nice man and I will say thank for Filipinokisses to give me a nice man!
От angie и tim Дата: 25-Oct-2012
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I have been reading success stories from this site way before I created an account here. Well, of course the stories are really encouraging so I created mine.

It was in late September or October of 2010 when I signed up and it took too long for me to really find one. I am very picky of the guys the talk to, I had bunch of admirers, more than a hundred count of men who added me in their contacts. Everyday I'd check my profile and read emails which I really never replied to most of them. I replied quite a few of it. After months of being in the site and didn't find what I was looking for, I figured its time for to get out cause I thought to myself that I never really have lucks in love. And to think I was broken hearted and was just moving on when I joined in from a stupid ex bf and an ex best friend of mine. It was hard so coming into this site was pretty much finding luck? or trying to move on? or seeing if I am just unlucky in love? ohh well, various of reasons!!! I figured, I waited enough, its time to get out...

Came May 19, 2011; day after my sister's birthday, it was on that day when I was doing the procedure of deleting my account but then I saw this man's profile and he just joined the site on that same day I was deleting mine. I spent a little time reading his profile and was kinda interesting so I sent him an email saying, "hey, I read your profile and its pretty interesting! Good luck with your search" NOTE: this is the first time I sent an email to a man first.
Then I proceeded with the deleting procedure again... one last button to click and my profile would have been totally gone but just a second before that, came this email, whatever. I was hesitant to go back and read it but then I did and it was from him, from the guy I just sent an email to. So, we conversed in the FK chat area/window, transfered to yahoo messenger in a little while and of course I added him to my YM account that was intented to talk to strangers and not to my personal YM account that was intented to talk mainly for my family and my real close friend who was away in London. We conversed on that whole afternoon and take not we talked from 1 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening for our first time of talking and I said to myself: WHAAAATT??? How did I talk to somebody, a total stranger for that long? I was unbelievably shocked, and amazed :) We were just talking about each other without even seeing each other on cam. He's seen me in one single photo that I sent him and so did I. I didnt ask for his cam, so did he! It was good though, it was a turn in to me because I wanted to know a person first before physical apearance. The next day I asked if he can turn his cam on cause I would like to see him, and so he did and I sent him mine. Since that day we talked hours and hours every single day. 6 in the morning I'd wake up from a phone call that would last at least 30 minutes and max of 2 hours. Then I go to work knowing at lunch I'll get a phone call and at 2 in the afternoon until in the evening I'll be in the computer, talking to this man. It was just amazing, I never have smiled that big before, I never have felt happy as much. It went on and on until we met in September 2011 at midnight in Cebu. That first night we met we barely slept. hahaha we were just happy, nervous, whatever feelings. Next day the first person in the family that he met was my uncle. I brought him to m hometown, in Ormoc City where he met my parents then the whole entire family. I am very much family oriented person and grew up with a close family ties, everything we do, we do together which meant him meeting not just my parents and sisters but also from OK aunts and uncles to STRICT ones! It amazing how they liked him. I was definitely so scared cause I know, specially my parents are people that who would say NO, then its a NO.. Glady everyone found him nice, good looking, presentable to the family and friends so everything went very well. He stayed for more than 3 weeks in the Philippines, we went to Boracay stayed for couple days, went to bohol and stayed for a week, went back to Cebu and met my relatives there who were eagerly wanting to see the man I am showing to the family, went to Manila and met my aunt too.. ohh well his first holiday was all about meeting and greeting everyone. By the time of his departure back to the US it was a hurtful moment, then a month and 2 weeks later, he came back.. ask my parents for their blessing for the plan of marriage so my dad said he felt like he was punched by Manny Pacquiao, OMG! LOL Well of course my parents said to him that their decision will depend on their daughter because its not them who is marrying him but their daughter. If their daughter says yes, then the blessing is given. We got engage few days after that, it was in November then he went back to the US, then back again in December and we got civilly married. He spent Christmas here and left before new year, got back in January 2012, then March, then April, then June for my US embassy interview, then July with his Mom and Dad for our Church Wedding. We flew to the US in August and now I am pregnant.

Yes it sounded so nice, and well it is indeed! But now, we are experiencing too much trouble and arguments which is making me fall off to the ground. Its hard and getting harder and harder each and everyday. I am never a fighter for something that I see I am losing. Everytime I want something that I cant own, I dont strive hard to have it. I accept what is supposed to be mine, and let go when I know its not for me. The only thing I can wish for now is that the troubles we are going through will end before the very final moment that I will really give up for everything.

I still thank FK for being the bridge that made us meet each other and to all other members, good luck! Just make sure that before you get married to the person you feel happy with by talking online, on the phone, and going on holidays with, make sure that you are ready for the unknowing. You will never know each other until you really live in one roof 24 hours a day, and make sure that you can adjust to the differences that comes along the way after living with each other. Every success, there are challenges that may come before or after.
Live strong FK!!!!

От Melissa и Kesri Дата: 03-Sep-2012
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Hello Everybody,

First of all I would like to thanks to this site Filipino Kisses for being the instrument to find my true love along the horizon. I met my husband in this site the day after I registered. We exchanged emails for a month before he decide to meet me in Cebu. On 13th of October 2010 was our first met. We stayed in Sampaguita Hotel in Cebu for 1 week before he came back to England. In our meeting we found compatible with each other and right away we decide to get married. He came back on 12th of January 2011 and we stayed in Casa Bacobo in Manila but it was unfortunate that we didn't get married in Lapu Lapu because of some bureaucratic papers that we missed. So we hang on to it and I applied for a Fiance Visa to UK and very fortunate that we get it. I got here in UK in November 2011 and we got married here in England on the 5th of December 2011. We were so happy that we found each other and we both felt lucky and fortunate.

A month after since we got married we visit his mother in Caribbean and I was so happy that they were so kind and nice to me. They welcome me to their family and I was so honored for such wonderful words they said to me. After 6 months, July 2012 we came back again to Caribbean to get his mum and brought here in England for her holidays with us for 2 months. I felt so happy that I got a chance to visit different country other than England because of my husband. Now we are planning to visit Canada if we can get a chance but before that I have to go home first in my homeland of course Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur and Cebu City before anything else.

Now we are happily living together here in London.

So guys out there don't give up, be optimist, time will come that you there also can have the right love you are looking for.


Melissa and Kesri
От christine и louis Дата: 01-Sep-2012
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Hi to all!!

I am happy to write this story! Me and Louis we start contact at April 2010, that means 8 months ago..

Yeah its been long time ago that we have been in contact and just met personally in October 16th in Manila and stay there in the Manor Hotel. It is a very nice Hotel also and we spent there for 2 days only and then we went to Cebu City and stay in Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

It is very nice to stay at the beach and the resort is very nice to have someone to share with. We had so much fun together with my daughter Christhel! After 5 days we went to Ozamiz City were i live.

Yeah! My Man Louis met my parents and relative and also my friends in Ozamiz .. He knows me more now and our relationship is stronger...

He is planning to marry me and I am happy to hear that... he will be backk soon here in Philippines.

Thanks a lot to FILIPINO KISSES that we had the chance to meet each other...

Thank you very much!

im so happy we get marry on sept 10 2012, my hubby Louis and me!!
soon I will move to switzerland jejeje
good luck to everybody

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