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Von Lina Casas und John Hunn Datum: 08-Feb-2014
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To all FilipinoKisses staff,

I want to thank FK, you have been a blessing and through your prayer and your site,i found my true love. The road i traveled on life has not been easy finding a true partner in life has been difficult. it takes long but still it works..I am so blessed that he wants to be my husband.
Thank u God, for allowing me to meet a real man name JOHN, and thank u for FK for allowing me too, the opportunity to meet my true love...

Von Geraldine und Alex Datum: 03-Feb-2014
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Hi Filipino Kisses,,,I opened again my account now not to find a men, but to write my successful story.

First, I joint here on last october 2013, and this past december on 2013 I already met my loving men Alex!!!!

He is very nice and very loving men….and now we are both happy…I love him very much…

Thank you so much Filipino Kisses because I already found the men of my life..thank you!
Von jane und Anatoly Datum: 26-Jan-2014
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First of all I would like to thank this amazing site Filipino kisses.
I have been waiting for this chance to write my story to share my experience to those who still searching for love.
I am Jane. I have found my husband Anatoly 4 years ago here in Filipino kisses website.
I am happy that I found a man like him. He is my friend, husband, and family. Who is loving, caring, supportive and willing to compromise.
I met my husband on December 2008 through internet and i went to city every day to have a communication with him. I lived in mountain, 7 kilometers from highway. I was getting up early in the morning and walked to city everyday just only for him. After 3 months, it was March 24, 2009, he decided to visit me in Philippines to see me and my family in person. When he arrived in Butuan Airport, I and my sister picked him up. It was nerve breaking for me. I felt happy and nervous. It had mixed feelings.
The next day we went to my village and had an engagement party. We spent time together not quite long, - just only 2 weeks and he went back to Australia. And since then we still continue communicating each other through internet every day. And I processed all documents for me to come to Australia. And now I am already here in Australia. I arrived here on December 2009. And after few months I found a job at a restaurant here in Sydney. I was working almost 2 years and I decided to study and now I finished my studies and found new job and better wages. And we still together under one roof as husband and wife. For the women who are still looking for their partner in life all I can say don't give-up, don’t lost hope continue searching whatever circumstances happened. Try and try again until you succeed
Von marilyn und tommy Datum: 15-Jan-2014
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I created my profile few years ago but I seldom came online as I am too busy working... I tried to see my mailbox once in a while… but one day ...a Tommy Hunter from Scotland wrote me a letter which I read at my Yahoo mail.. He introduced himself as Tommy and that he saw my profile in FK and said he is writing me for friendship.…and I answered him that I was very happy!!!

Afterwards we could communicate to know more each other…after several communications and chats at FK we have decided to meet in person!

Now he is going to meet me this June 3 and find out…and proposed that if things turn out fine we can get married!

I am happy that this site had proven to be very effective means to meet your soulmate.

I am thanking Filipino Kisses!

… and to ladies out there who is also searching for a soulmate …I know one day you can find true love... we are now talking of the forthcoming marriage... thanks FK...
Von charito und edward Datum: 08-Jan-2014
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The first time I put my profile on FilipinoKisses, Ted Parker sent me a message. At that day I knew that he would be the one!

He is a wonderful man! We talk in Skype 4hours per day for 2 weeks!

We met in person here in San Francisco CA. Afterwards, I when to met him in Calgary - Canada.

Now we are planning to get married soon!

Thank you Filipinokisses! I've been waiting for a man like him!

Good luck to all and don't give up!

For all us there is one special person out there!
Von Joniebel und Warren Datum: 26-Dec-2013
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Just got back on this site to thank the FK staff and to share our successful story . I have been on different sites before hoping to find my Mr. Right Guy but only this site clicked to me. Month of January 2013 when we started communicating we talked on computer almost everyday and sometimes he called me on the phone. We both like each other, and we fell in love eventhough we did not meet yet in person. To make the story short we are in a relationship status. Everything about us went so fast. February 6, 2013 first time visit in phils. I fetched him in the airport with my family. I'm full of excitement and nervous . While waiting on the airport I'm sweating because of too much nervous. LOL...February 9 we had a simple engagement party and he proposed me in front to my family and friends. I feel like am in the heaven.We spent our time together with full of love and Joy. When he went back to the US he filed petition for fiancee Visa.I supposed to have my appointment in the embassy by November but my papers was still in the process because I got problem with my NSO. He came to phils for 3 times February, September and December while waiting for my papers to be completed.Honesty and patient is the most precious behavior that we have, our relationship grow even stronger and with full of love ..

On January I'll be having my Appointment to the embassy were hoping and pray to pass for this big battle of mine..

I'm very lucky and blessed because I finally found the true love of my life, my Mr. right guy Warren Dunn..I do believe True love waits..

Thank you God for this awesome guy of mine.
Thank you for your love and care.
Thank you for everything .. ;)
Von Annaliza und Peter Datum: 07-Dec-2013
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Von Fred und Rose Datum: 04-Dec-2013
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Hello all you love starved people on Filipino Kisses, just wanted to send and update on Rose and mine travels through this hard road of finding love with so many thousands of kilometers between each other. Rose and I are presently putting paperwork into my government for a visitors visa until her annulment is finalized. So I am hoping to give everyone some good news my the end of February 2014. if the gods are listening and kind they will allow the authorization of the visitors visa for at least a year and then we can get married here in Canada, send an update as soon as I Know and will upload some new photos of Rose arriving at the airport here in Canada. Once again thank you FK I never thought it was possible but you made me a believer Thank you!!

I just wanted to upload some photos first and write more later.

I just got back from 19 days in the Philippines with my sexy little filipina and it was more than I could have imagined :)

I wanted to thank FK for the introduction to my future wife Rose, I returned from the Philippines on September 2, 2013 after spending 19 wonderful days with my sexy little filipina.

We corresponded with each other on here and on FB and after 9 months of chatting and video chatting I knew it was time to take the risk in meeting the woman I fell in love with.

I am back now and I miss Rose so very much, my day is not the same without her here with me. We spent the first 3 days of my trip in Manila, then traveled to Cagayan De oro City and stayed there for the rest of the time. We also went to her home town Initao to meet with her family and friends.

I knew after the first 3 days that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Rose and she made me so happy and so impressed that I knew I could not give her up!!

I also brought my son with me during the trip and he also loved her!! :)

When I first started looking at this site and chatting and meeting woman on here I truly was not expecting to find a woman such as Rose, even though we are from two different cultures we are one of the same, it is like it was life's design that we were to meet and fall in love.

I have to thank Rose though she is the one that found me on here, we both took a big risk because we both had had chat mates on here before but they never worked out. But now we are with each other, although in separate countries.

Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and take a risk, I have heard so many stories of men using the filipinas on here and the filipinas using the men on here and yes it does happen, sometimes you have to go through 100 bad apples to find the right one so both men and women be careful on here!

Rose has shown me what it is to trully love a woman and to trully be loved by a woman, I have not experienced the feelings and the love as I have with Rose, we are now almost coming upon our 12 month anniversary on Nov 8, 2013 since we began this relationship and we have many many more years of being together.

I have never had to be so far apart from the woman I love but you Rose are a woman worth waiting for!!! I will update this more at a later date as I am in the works of trying to get Rose over here with me.

You are a special woman and thank you, thank you for loving me the way only a filipina can love a man, I consider myself a very lucky man to have been able to be loved by a woman such as Rose
Von mhavic agnes und Datum: 09-Nov-2013
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Thank you Filipinokisses! After almost 7 years membership finally I found my man and now my husband;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;to every woman keep on searching in this website if you want true man and find him!
Von Kurt und Mae Datum: 15-Oct-2013
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thank you filipinokisses ;))
Von Kate und Kelley Datum: 02-Oct-2013
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Thank you Filipinokisses,

we got married :-)

God bless you all...
Von analiza und johann Datum: 17-Sep-2013
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All the blessings we shall share, all the trials we shall face together in life by our own has ended and so has mine, yet we live on for our life has just begun.
You and I as one ... We are happily married now thanks to god and Filipino Kisses!

You are a good way and right way to our paths.

For the ones who are looking for partners good luck!

Be true to yourself . To me materials and financially issues are not involved to built a good relationship and to find a good partner in your life. Me and my husband had a relationship very clear. We work together purely without money and materials or gifts. We filled our heart with true feelings and true love.

Thank you my beloved husband. May God always be with us.

We are now trying to get a visa. Soon we will be together forever.

Joe and Liza
Von Luz und W . C. Datum: 11-Sep-2013
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To the staff of Filipinokisses,

Thank you so much for your site!!!

I will close my account because I found already the man.

I am going to meet him next month.

Thank you so much!!!!

Von Manilyn und Thomas Datum: 12-Aug-2013
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Hi Everyone,

After almost 3 years, just now I visited my account again, this time not to searching anymore but to share my Wonderful experience here:

Before I decide to deactivate my account here I just want to say BIG BIG thanks to FilipinoKisses, for being a bridge between me and my future Husband!

I am so thankful that finally I found him and also of course that he found me thought here in Fillipinokisses... and also I want to thank God so much for making this site being an Instrument, a way to find a true Love, and to find someone really you can call ''YOURS''... and that you will say '' I want to grow old with you'' :-)...

One thing important I just want to share for all Searching here, Please be True to yourself... Material things are just fading and not last longer here in this world... But True Love will last not just till Death but ''ETERNITY''.
We believe that me and My Husband to be are really sure each other,Because we really love each other so much, that we can leave Happily together, and that we will be having a beautiful family of our own soon, because we believe and accept God will always be in the Center of our ''LOVE''.

Godbless to all still searching and still in the process of knowing each other here. ''Be Patient'' God will give you the right person just Believe and Faith in Him.


Manilyn Und Thomas <3 <3 <3

Von Redell und Blandina Datum: 06-Aug-2013
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Hello everyone,

We would like to thank the Filipino Kisses staff for assistance in helping us find each other. I've tried other dating sites and was not very happy with their services. My Precious Queen suggested that I would show our appreciation by telling of our successful meeting here. When I joined, I looked at all the lovely profiles and faces, then one day this wonderful lady caught my attention. I contacted her and she replied back to me. We had great fun in our loving conversations. For a while, I was not sure if she was interested in me because you can tell if someone is or not interested by their words. A few days to a week I was very busy at work and had not talked with her. We both knew for sure that God brought us together because of our loving feelings for each other. I was very attracted to her but I didn't know if she felt the same for me. At the time I was still weeding through other ladies profiles on this site. Then we finally communicated again both missing each other very much. And some how she knew I was still searching on this site and was not really thrilled. I could then tell by her expressions that she wanted me. Our conversations were filled with love and enjoyable substance, no junk talk or negative words. We then decided that our searching was over and agreed that we would make a commitment and focus our energies and attention on each other. Since my birthday is today, she sent me 3 fabulous loving birthday cards which I really enjoyed. My birthday present this day/year is my Precious Queen who I love so much. So, we both agreed that we would thank Filipino Kisses for us meeting here and share our testimonial and success story. Now, we have decided to build and establish a loving long term relationship. We feel it may be better for us if we delete our membership. So, that temptation will not interfere in our relationship. Again, thank you and God bless you!

Sincerely Yours,
Von Tess und Louis Datum: 01-Jul-2013
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Like any other member on this site,I once also was also a dreamer.Dreamed to find a soulmate or a partner in life.And that dreamed turn into a reality.

I don't believe in love spells or magic,but there was this LOUIS SPELLS,an adorable man from Switzerland.I knew him a year ago ,wayback in june 2012.He was in my contact list,but never we had a conversation since he was taken already.Apparently he did not show any interest in me though I sometimes sent him a hi message.I decided to terminate my membership last November 2012 and register again for the second time last January of this year.There I saw him again in my partner proposals,and I was amazed to see that he was again on search.i don't really understand what pushes me to contact him and ask what happened.and with that first message initiated by me turn into a fruitful beginning.....without further ado,we then had spontaneous exchange of messages.we became casual friends at first,and that it grew deeper each day,for 2 time chats everyday,morning and afternoon,we never missed any single day not contacting each time passes day by day,the need of meeting arises from both of us.until we decided to meet in first I was skeptical because I am not sure if he will like me in person.i am not very confident.
time comes...I flew back to phils from Singapore to meet him..he arrived on the 9th of may in manila.tremendously I was very nervous,very excited ,mixed emotion covers me,i was only relieved when I found myself on his arms already.his presence ease all my nervous away and was replaced of overflowing reveals for us both.there I learnt that there is no fear in love,perfect love cast out fears..during my first two days with him,i confirmed that he was the man that I ever wanted to be with.i prayed for this,i asked for this,and it was answered.i don't need a perfect guy,i need a guy to make me perfect,and I found it in him.we have same things in common in most aspects,that made us conclude that we are a perfect match.
I brought him to my hometown in Iloilo to introduce to my family.alas.....I did not expect that he will like the remote village where I entire family adored him because of his down to earth characteristic.he is absolutely very sweet,very calm,well adapted cowboy,simple,kind in heart and most of all a very loving boyfriend,lover,bestfriend and mentor to me.and one thing more what is best in him was that he accepted my children and treated them as his own.
We had so much fun together.very memorable moments with my two children.we travelled to some places and enjoyed the hot summer season in my region.I felt I was overgifted by the above.for so long I felt that I am complete.its not hard to find someone who tells you they love you,its hard to find someone who actually means.The I love you in the internet isn't that fulfilling than the I love you spoken and whispered by someone who truly feels that towards you.Every moments we spent together is like a paradise for both of us.
But everything has to come to an end.I need to to fly back to Singapore for work and he to his homecountry.This reality causes me to brokedown.seemed my world halts,specially during the time he sent me to airport.the only thing I can remember on that day was his word of assurance which is MY ANGEL DONT CRY,COZ THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING AND NOT THE END,WE WILL MEET AGAIN.
since then,our love become more stronger everyday.the more farther we are the more we realize how much we need each other.for our love,no time is too long,no distance is too far.our love steadfast.

Two weeks ago,a good news was uttered by him,informing me to visit me this September,and the next visit is on April next year,not just a usual visit but a lifetime togetherness...he decided to settle down for good in my place in Iloilo,i was shockened by his abrupt decision.But at the other side i am very happy ,a dreamed of mine really do came true.

Therefore I wanted to extend my deepest thanks to filipinokisses,for this huge opportunity that you had gaven me ,through your site I found my soulmate,my dream guy,my perfect match.
But first of all I want to thank the Father almighty for gaving me Mr. Louis Charles Golay.And lastly to my honey,thank you also for your unconditional love.i love you so much and will love you until the end of time.

yours truly,
Von Dyan Marie und Jerzy Jander Datum: 26-Jun-2013
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Hi Everyone,

I uploaded again some photos of our first meeting together this time we proved ourselves how strong our love is....nothing gonna stop us...

We had a fantastic time, so much fun with each other. Never in my life I've experienced this kind of feeling and I can't believe that I found the right man for me who truly love me!

All my dreams came true, it seems that's only a fantasy but I know it really happened in my life now.
He complete me and changed my life, he let me experienced what I'm not been before.
He gave me hopes, inspirations, courage and a better future ahead.
I promise to myself that this is the man i will love forever and to be with me for the rest of my life.

I love you so much!!
Your are my life now and without you I rather die.
I never ever let you go and never ever break your heart..

We just hope that our love story can help or will inspire to the others or to those who really want to find his/her fate and destiny.

Good-luck for all and select the best!


Jerzy and Dyan
Von janette und michael davies Datum: 25-Jun-2013
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im so thankful to fk because in here i already meet my partner in life hope it will not end at the moment we are in adjusting situation , knowing each other ... but for sure he will be the man i want to be with until my last breath ... many things at this time might changes but for sure i never changes as long as he stands with our long distance relationship its natural that we have doubts sometimes but if we trust each other love each other nothing imposible ....... in gods will ..... im wishing praying and hoping that no one will break promise hope we will hold on no matter what problems arise but im so very thankful to my fiance and future husband michael davies ..... baby as i promise i will never break my promise to u so its time for me to say good bye to fk site just to assure and give also peace of mine to the man i choose here in fk that no other man can replace his part in my heart so thank u

god bless

Von Alfonso Lucero und Farrah Datum: 24-Jun-2013
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I just want to thank you FK for being the bridge of my love story. I found the woman i want to share with...i went home last holy week spent with her and her family 2 weeks are not really enough but in Gods will im gona spend the rest of my life with her...once again thanks FK...

Have fun viewing our pictures...

love and kisses

Afonso and Farrah
Von anita und ilan Datum: 24-Jun-2013
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I want to thank you FK, through your site i found my dream man, ILAN is a GREAT man and im very LUCKY that i have ILAN in my life. NOw we are very happy spending our time together that full of LOVE

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